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I orderd 5 Gigs with $30 and the $30 went to just one Gig i want my money back t


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Do you mean that you placed an order put put the number 5 in the box? If you ordered 5 gig multiples, it is like ordering 5 gigs and you should get 5 of whatever you ordered. It just puts it into one amount and under one order. I’m a little unclear on what you were trying to do, but you might not need to cancel if you can get the 5 things you intended from the seller.

@annai80 is right that you can ask for a cancellation if there is actually a problem, but just make sure there really is one because if the seller already start working on your job, it would be a little harsh to stop them for no reason. If you want to try to elaborate on what you were trying to do, we might be able to give you the best advice.

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