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Fiverr site will not display properly


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I am having the blank page problem as mentioned above and it has been going on off and on for a while (see screenshot below.) I can get nothing other than menus and the header and none of it works.

I tried to access Fiverr.com on four computers using three different OS’s (Windows XP, Vista and Mac OSX) and four different browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) and I get the same result as shown in the original post above. Clearing the cache and restarting Firefox in safe mode did not fix things.

I have a satellite Internet service provider which is my main connection but I also have a slow dial up account for backup. The problem of the non-functional Fiverr.com does not occur with the dial up account. The dial up account serves up the Fiver.com pages without a hitch. However, I don’t want to use slow dial up access nor do I want to tie up my phone line doing so.

I searched online and there are quite a few other people having the same problem accessing Fiverr.com. We all seem to be getting the blank page with the header and the non-working sidebar menu.

I can’t buy or sell on Fiverr.com if I can’t access the site reliably every time I need to. I wonder how many other Fiver.com buyers and sellers are also not able to conduct business on Fiverr due to the site not being completely accessible or not functioning properly.

It would seem to be a good business move to fix this before more business opportunities are lost by everyone.

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