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PayPal stopped in Turkey! I need urgent help for using a Payoneer account


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Hi Everyone!

I have a question about the Bank Transfer method through Payoneer for withdrawing my revenue.

I live in Turkey and as of the 6th of June PayPal will stop inTurkey and I won’t be able to use it anymore. And the only way I have left is Payoneer.

I applied for a Payoneer account a few days ago but they haven’t responded yet. I know it takes a while but I wanted to know before hand what to expect from this service.

So based on your experience as sellers OUTSIDE the US I would appreciate it if you answer my questions.

  • How long does it usually take to be approved for a Payoneer account? And is there a chance they might decline my application? If yes what might be the reason(s)?

  • I won’t need the debit card, so is there additional fees for withdrawing money from the Payoneer account to my local bank account here in Turkey? And can I withdraw in US dollars instead of the local currency?

  • And it would be great if you tell me about any additional fees for using Payoneer that I might encounter.

I contacted the support center of Payoneer and they did not respond, so I’m guessing their support is not that good and I won’t be able to get efficient help from them. This is why I asked my questions here and it would be great to have some answers.

Thank you in advance!

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Payoneer solved my question in 5 minutes. I guess you should contact them through phone and it is the best way.

If Turkish banks offer bank accounts in US dollar then you should be able to withdraw in $.
Like in India you cannot withdraw US dollar from anywhere but in my country (Uzbekistan) I could withdraw in $. So withdrawing in $ is related to your bank account.

Call them directly between 6am - 6 pm EST.

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