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Paypal Fiverr Complaint?


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I got my first customer after a long time finally, and fiverr ruined it for me!! The customer has paid his $5 and i have not gotten any order or any notification and he dint even get to buy the gig or i dint get to deliver the service because i never got any order! He keeps sending me this fiverr paypal complaint id cuz obviously he wants his money back!
How do i ask fiverr to return my customer’s money? Please help!
Now il have to do the job without any money anyways cuz he has laready paid for it and isnt getting his money back so i obviously owe him!
What do i do?

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Well, I guess I now know never to listen to your advice. How exactly are you meant to give a refund through PayPal when you don’t know the buyer’s address? Are you suggesting to solicit for an email? Oops, Fiverr rule broken.

Anyway from the picture in OP–which is a violation of the buyer’s privacy, btw as it reveals personal information–I see the word dispute, which I’m guessing means it has already been disputed, so there’s no need to refund. And the buyer has been autobanned.

Nothing to see here except monumentally crap advice, folks. Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should.

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