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Everyone wants orders in queue but no one is ready for focusing. Why is too much hurry? Yeah it takes time but produce great end results. Trust me.

I know you have been through many blogs / forum postings reading the same thing, put a great image for your gig, content is king bla bla… But where to get that content? How to create that image? No one tells that? Then why don’t you do it? Also

Try to offer free bonuses in your Gigs and services, that method works very well. How to offer free bonuses? In gig description, you can offer free bonuses.

Please promoting your Gigs on Twitter with Hashtags. Let me clear you that it is one of the best way to boost Fiverr orders plus sales. Use Popular hashtags in your tweets and put your gig’s links in them.

Use google adwards for promoting your gig, get ready for some investment? Advertise your gigs on Adwords. It is one of the best way to get regular clients on Fiverr. It works!

Mingle don’t get single, meet new buyers at Forum.Fiverr.com. Fiverr forum is a great place where you can find new buyers.

Videos produce real impression and results. Try to add Videos in your lovely Gigs. I know you are camera shy and not beautiful like Britney spears and handsome like Tom Cruise but your real face will be liked by everyone. There’s a trust.

Less is more, FOCUS and give some time to your gig please. If I missed anything, you can suggest to help new/old sellers in comments.

Thanks you all

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