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Fiverr is not supporting seller?


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I have many other reasons to say that fiverr is not giving proper answer why do they not taking action against the buyer !

I have faced 3 issues, 2 related to reviews, buyer want more then 1 design under a single order I simply asked him to buy gig extra for other design and he refused that and he just complete order and give negative review to my order just because he didn’t get more then one design under single order.

I ask fiverr to check and verify fairly and if they found that there’s not my fault then and only then remove review. But they are giving me excuse that they can not remove review it’s up to buyer.

That’s just simply means if buyer want get their design under their price he simply spoil seller review and walk away ?

Secondly, Yesterday one buyer order a gig from me without asking for price and estimate time on basic $5 gig and gave me requirements. I told him this requirement can not be fulfill under basic $5 gig and give him cost and estimate time for gig and the guy became rude and told me to just remove $5 gig from buying option.

Even he reported me just because he want his logo under $5 just because he didn’t get it under $5 he reported me and fiverr just denied my gig without even asking me ?

Is that mean we need to give design and even the prices according to buyers need ?

Like if buyer is asking for free design or free source file or anything we need to provide him and if we dis-agree then we have to pay by getting negative review or by losing our gigs ?

I’m really disappointed with the service.

What you guys think about this ?

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I want to report this buyer as he become false buyer and just to spoil my profile he came and order gig from me.


If you see his profile there are no reviews on his single gig and he is also a seller. Just because his gig is denied he came to do, with other sellers !

This guy is false buyer !

Please help me out it this, I’m working here for quite long time and I want to work more but this kind of things making me uncomfortable and even unsafe for being selling and giving quote to buyer.

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Seller is always victim. There are many tricky buyers from who get their work done but write few words to customer support and order is cancelled even after it two months old and review is published. This is little unfair. Please take care of both sellers and buyers equally so equal rights are for both. Thanks

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#Logo_her I agree with you, even one of my friend faced this kind of issue, order is cancelled after one month old and review published. Even that buyer is using that design on his website. My friend wrote about that on fiverr but fiverr’s Customer Support is not answering and just avoiding by giving other reasons which are not related to order.

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