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For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly


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I’m not sure if this is a bug or not. I received an email from Fiverr about a “New conversation message” from another Fiverr member I have never done business with before. However, when I try to reply to him, I receive the below message:

“For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly.”

Will this have any bearing on my response rating? It seems I will never be able to reply with an answer.

Thank you in advance for your replies. 🙂

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Hi. Bit late with the response, but I’ve encountered a number of these messages in the past week and my forum-searching has led to to determine that the users have been blocked from communicating with you unless they purchase a gig! I think it’s probably because they’re being spammy, but it seems likely that it could be any rule breaking that gets them blocked. What’s unfortunate is I had a genuine gig discussion going so I clicked the unspam request and wrote back, but now I can’t communicate with the buyer anymore… and it would have been a money-making gig, too, I think!

Sometimes it will affect your response rating. I have a 100% response rating but it’s at 93% or something right now because of one of those messages. Last week it happened and I contacted Customer Support and they fixed it within a few hours. I intend to do the same again, soon.

Would love to see Fiverr allow us sellers to view and communicate with “blacklisted” users… sometimes they might be genuine and it would be great to have the freedom to decide if someone is spam or not. Autodetection software isn’t perfect and I do really niche work so it wouldn’t surprise me if some “dirty words” set off a detector.

Not that I actually know how the blacklisting works. The above paragraph is strictly speculation.

Anyway, if you have issues go talk to Customer Support to get your stats back to perfection and know that it’s not you, it’s the buyer!

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