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Underappreciated Nature of Buyers


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As a coin has two sides, so are the buyers on Fiverr. Some Buyer can be so ridiculous & underappreciating, and some are very appreciating and generous. Among the ridiculous ones are those that dubious by nature. Imagine as a write, after reaching an agreement with a buyer. You get the buyers work done and delivered. Next, the buyer rejects your work, not that your work in not good enough but because they are dubious, the next they seek for is a cancellation. For instance, like an article or blog writer, the basic gig advert rate $5 and in your conversation you agree on $15 due to the technicality, sensitivity and amount of time researching. To cut it short, after delivering a job well-done, the buyer request for additional 2 articles, quoting your basic gig of $5 as an excuse. At first, l wonder if they are naive of the agreement reached before acceptance of their project? But little do I realize there is no form of signed contract.

The next ridiculous buyers are those that actual want to pay a penny for work they actual know it’s worth more than what they are offering. For instance, I am a content marketer and some client will contact wanting a full website page for $5 or $15. How would I sit on my desk, with my computer typing creative web page content for hours, just for $5? This is why many buyers are headed downhill. Everyone wants something for FREE, but somehow they expect to be paid well for what THEY do. It’s ridiculous. Sometimes cheap things are the most expensive thing. It may be cheap as at when purchasing but in the long run, it could be problematic and cost you a lot more.

However, there are quite some Good Buyers on this platform, and some even give you tips for an excellent job done. I have encountered a few, and they are my returning customer. As a seller; before you create a gig, always:

It is like man infectious nature of enthusiasm. If you don’t love what you do, you not be passionate about it. If you are not passionate about it, you can’t give your best at it and if you don’t give your best at it, would you expect to make an impression on others or get a repeated customer?

Do learn to brand yourself as a professional in your gig and live up to expectation by delivering a high-quality job. Enact the ethic of professionalism in communicating with your buyers.

Importantly the widest and strongest way you can communicate to your buyers. Always, part of allowing your work speaks for itself is by delivering a high-quality work. By doing this, you will reduce confusion when it comes to reviewing time.

We all have felt underappreciated at one point or the other as a seller. To me, Fiverr has a very limited protection for a seller on its platform and highly protective of it buyers. But I think the protective measure should be balanced. Without Buyer or seller Fiverr will not make money (FACTUAL)

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Honestly I have met a lot of buyers: some are great and others are a big pain. The most important is to always deliver top quality work to your clients, go the extra mile in fulfilling their request. And anytime they need some revisions done, you should always do it, with joy. Although I don’t like seeing that Fiverr message: “we got information about your order.” I feel sick immediately I see such. But it’s all part of the job.

As for the other category of buuers- the not so friendly ones- just use the cancel button. For reputation sake.

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Depending on your niche and how sure you are to deliver a high-quality work. I have accept order above $250 and still delivered satisfactory work to my buyer. Sometime the aforementioned can be attributed to Human nature;just the way you have the GOOD,the BAD and the UGLY 🙂

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