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Should I just ditch my most popular gig?


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My most popular gig is also my most dangerous gig. Should I just ditch it?

It consists in giving someone’s album 5 full plays on a certain music website. This affects their ranking positively.

It’s not my most profitable gig, but it has a consistent inflow of buyers. But here’s there problems:

  1. Buyers usually buy these kind of gigs in bulk, from multiple sellers. They are not personal gigs. Therefore this gig has a high percentage of unleft reviews.

  2. This is the only gig where I have had less than 5 stars. Funny: in a BLACK or WHITE type of gig, where I either deliver what I promised or I don’t (and I ALWAYS deliver what I promised), people end up ruining my otherwise perfect rating.

  3. Theoretically, someone can give me a completely unfair 1 star review, and I’ll have no way to prove it to Fiverr, since the nature of the gig make it hard for me to prove that I did what I did. This is dangerous.

I’m starting to consider it a weak spot. Should I just ditch it?

I need opinions.

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