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Dream Come True, Bought my New car, SO EXCITED!


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Hello friends, i am so excited because i bought my dream car Hyundai i20 Active…Paid full amount without any installment (only from the earnings from fiverr)…Couple of years ago, i have joined fiverr to do some graphic designing jobs, later i diverted into animation. I haven’t learn anything about animation. I just used youtube and other video tutorials. Then posted some gigs on animation catagory. Later i came to know that this is my future. I quit my job couple of years ago and became a full time fiverrer…now i am earning almost $2300 a month, its like 5 times more than a day job here is India.

Anyway thanks fiverr for giving me this opportunity…Fiverr is the best Online Job site ever…God Bless You all… its like 5 times more than a day job here is India.

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