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Give me a tips I didn't get any order since 3 weeks


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Hi, just follow these steps

  1. High quality display image
  2. Professional display video for your gigs
  3. Provide a Complete description about your gigs
  4. Send Buyer requests regularly on related gigs only (Don’t spam)
  5. Promote using Facebook Groups, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc …
  6. Create Youtube videos related to your gig
  7. Answer Yahoo question forums related to your gig


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Well, for a start you should probably delete your $20-$40 content writing gig. You obviously don’t have a competent grasp of the English language. Worse, all you posting this gig does is say to potential buyers, “Look at me! I’m a liar! I say I can do lots of things but clearly I’m lying! Please buy my gig!”

That’s your main problem here. Take some integrity tablets, wipe those dizzying foreign $ signs out of your eyes and work on trying to enhance your basic reputability. You’re lucky in that you have a few fantastic review under your belt. Don’t ruin your chances by getting greedy.

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