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Tips For Fiverr Logo Buyers (Based From Real Life Experience)


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If you know that earlier Fiverr did not have that Package Feature that it has now and sellers at that time used to sell services at Only $5 and/or with some extra (eg. source file for extra $5, etc.) However, I had seen many gigs on fiverr where logo designers provided logo designing services for just $5 only.

Therefore, while I was having a chat with my friend who runs a Gaming company and he was talking about getting a logo and if I know any designer. He was thinking to hire a logo designer or a logo design company to help him with it. So, I recommended him that he could get Logo designed by a logo designer for just $5 and he can choose from so many different logo designers from around the world at Fiverr. At first he got excited after hearing about Fiverr and said “You always come up with great recommendation from my problem”

“Can I get a Logo for only $5? What kind a Logo will it be? Will I get a Good Logo by buying this gig?”

Exactly, this was the question I was asked by him.

I said yes there are so many sellers offering great services for $5. I did not recommend him any particular seller but told him that he could go through those gigs and choose the seller that he may like. I told him there were thousands of gigs and he can order whichever he likes.

So, after 3 days he ordered a gig from a seller with good ratings. I would not like to call out sellers name because this is against Fiverr forum rules.

He got an Amazing logo for his Gaming company, delivered from this seller for just $5. He got very happy and left a 5 star rating for the gig, recommending his services to other buyers.

The main issue started now after 14 months. Another gaming company filed a copyright issue against him for copying the logo symbol of their company and changing just the text (Company name).

The problem was that the seller from whom he had ordered 14 months back, had copied the symbol of the logo from this company. This was not a co-incidence because the symbol was exactly same as that companies logo symbol. That seller just changed the text (company name) and send it back to him charging $5. (note: $5 was not paid for that, it was paid for designing a real logo. No copy and text changing stuff). No wonder he got such an Amazing logo delivered to him within hours.

I was also called there when he was talking with those lawyers, because he was again and again calling out my name. I reached at the place 11 am.

We had to answer many questions there. And we told them that it had happened by a mistake. We did not purposely mean to copy any other company’s logo symbol. And what we had ordered for and what work was delivered. We discussed the whole issue with them and how we used a copied logo unknowingly for so long. I mean we never meaned to copy or steal any other company’s logo. We felt very sorry for using their copied logo for these 14 months.

Therefore, I am sharing my experience as a tip for other buyers. So that buyers can order the right gig and stay away from any bad seller and falling into any issues. I think every buyer should ask sellers many relevant questions about what service they deliver for $5 and take a snapshot of that message. Ofcource, we missed that part and it was very hard to convince those people to believe. So a snapshot of seller’s message may help you if you fall on to any issues later. You used also tell the seller that the logo should not have ANY copy material at all.

Hope this helps
Please add any extra tips you have in the comments.

Thank you

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Actually, this is a really easy problem to avoid. As soon as you take delivery of a logo here or anywhere, simply crop any text from the design using a simple photo editor and conduct a Google and TinEye reverse image search.

In the majority of cases, this will show you where any design elements have been lifted from. Moreover, if they have been plagiarized you can then reject delivery of the order in question and raise the matter with Fiverr customer support.

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Great Post. I’m glad to know that you got the issue solved. Got to know something new after reading your experience.

I feel sad that some sellers do such tricks and then make buyers loose their trust on other sellers as well. Such sellers with their mischief are blaming the whole marketplace.

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