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Messages are SERIOUSLY messed up right now


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Ok, this is bizarre.
I have received three messages today that were not intended for me. They showed up on my phone, with a preview of the message which made no sense to me but were definitely from conversations, including one that said they wanted to proceed with an order.
When I went to my messages and checked emails, there was no record of them.
On one occasion, I went to check it on my phone and it opened up as if I was contacting the buyer but it wouldn’t let me send them a message as they had not contacted me first!
If you are expecting a message from a buyer and don’t get it then I suggest you contact them politely to check if they have responded and you have not got it.
I already posted about this issue costing me money but felt a new thread was more appropriate for this as people need to know this.

If I alone have received 3 messages in error today, the possibility that this is actually affecting a lot of people. You may not know it so as I said, check in with people you have been in contact with.
Similarly, if they have not responded to you, you may want to send a message. This is something I have difficulty doing as I don’t like appearing like I am pushing them to order. To overcome this, you could include a link to this thread to show that you are not being pushy but that there is actually a problem with messages.

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Had something different, but similar this evening. Message popped up on my tablet, but took like 30 mins to show up on desktop ( I prefer to respond through desktop). Serious lag.

But at least none were lost. Thanks for the heads up 🙂


come to think about it, I sent a revision this afternoon with a little message and the buyer messaged me back this evening asking if I was gonna send it so I resent it. Didn’t think to ask if they actually received it. Will message them now if they are online.

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I had that happen last night too - I got a notification on my phone, went to open it, but the message wasn’t there - was very weird!

Frustrating if clients or potential clients are sending messages and they think we are being slack for not responding, when we aren’t actually getting the message in the first place!

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