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Things i find stupid


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You can’t buy your own gig unless you have fake accounts or get someone to buy it for you, and frankly, I don’t recommend it. You’ll get sales if your gigs are worthy of sales, and not every gig is.

Your gigs are OK, but your logo prices are too high for someone who has no reviews. You should be charging $5, $10, $15. Not $5, $20, $45. Check your competition!

You need more portfolio samples for I will design a stunning website for $5

And this gig isn’t clear enough:
I will promote and Manage your Facebook page for $5

For how long? 1 day? One week? People need to know. Anyway, good luck.

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You may try to promote your service on social networks… without promoting your service it will be hard to get customers.

buy other gigs here says promote your service maybe this will help.

Good Luck with your fiverr business.

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