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Voiceovers and the Paradigm shift of Fiverr


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The traditional business model for the voiceover industry goes something like this: Get an agent or reach out to small production companies and get on their talent roster > Audition, Audition, and Audition until you’re blue in the face and if you can land 10%…congrats! You are a successful voice actor. Even in the newer world of Pay-to-Play sites, your primary focus remains the same…Audition as much as you can (after membership fees) and If you’re good enough, you’ll land a few gigs here and there.

 Enter Fiverr! A paradigm shift is a fundamental change in the approach or underlying assumption of a given idea or concept. In the world of voice acting, we are lead to adopt a premise that the life of an actor will always be made up of a majority of rejections as we audition endlessly and only reap the benefits of a paid gig once periodically, otherwise known as the 90/10 rule.  Don't get me wrong, as far as marketing is concerned, the 90/10 rule still applies as we strive to establish our presence within the voiceover community however, in terms of work without pay Fiverr as revolutionized our industry. Yeah...auditioning IS work and every time you get behind the mic it always cost time and money, so why not get paid EVERY TIME! I find it interesting that the vast majority of goods and services that we consume are either paid in advance or payment is legally obligatory upon services rendered and yet traditionally voice actors record auditions time and time again and never see a penny. This is why Fiverr is the future of the voiceover industry. Not only is every gig payment secured in advance but we have a unique platform to bring both value and security to the client. Its a win-win for everyone involved.  If you're a voice actor and you're hesitant about establishing a presence on Fiverr, don't be! Its astonishing how Fiverr has been able to drive so much traffic to our Fiverr community and the doors are wide open for everyone to join in and make our talent pool even stronger. Join the revolution and start selling your voiceover gig today...exclusively on Fiverr!

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