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How To Use The Messaging System on Fiverr to get better responses from Sellers


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Hey There Buyers,

Here’s a quick ‘what to avoid/what to do’ when using the messaging system here on Fiverr. This will help save time and help you get better responses from Sellers.

What To Avoid With Solutions

  1. The Dreaded ‘Hello’ Only Message.

The system may appear to be an instant messaging service and it can be when both the seller and the buyer are on at the same time, but most of the time this isn’t the case. When you just send 'Hi, Hello, or Hiya" the seller has nothing to work with and can only respond ‘Hello, how can I help?’. This can add literally days to the process of you trying to get help.

Solution: Include everything you want to say in one message, this allows the seller to respond with everything you need to know.

  1. Rapid Fire Messaging


New Message: Hi

New Message: How Are You :)?

New Message: Are You Available?

New Message: I need help with [blank]

New Message: It’s for my new business

New Message: Get back to me when you can.

New Message: Thanks

New Message: [buyer’s Name] 😉

Many sellers have notifications turned on, so they can help more efficiently, and you just made the phone buzz ten times for what would be considered one message. Sometimes when you message this way the seller could be online and trying to respond, but you keep interrupting them and making them wait for more information.

Solution: Again, making one message would solve this problem too and save time.

  1. The Copy and Paste

You’re busy too and that’s okay, so you make a message for several sellers. One problem, you included the name of one seller in the copy and paste. Now you’ve sent out a message calling several sellers by the wrong name. We are a community and know each other a little bit, but we work hard at our niche and trying to be different, so some sellers do get offended and it is very unprofessional.

Solution: Take the time and change the name, or to save even more time leave it off completely and keep it just business.

  1. The Obvious ‘I didn’t read your Gig Description’ Questions


New Message: What does your gig offer?

New Message: How many options do I get?

New Message: How long does the gig take?

Of course, you can have questions and our description may not cover everything you need to know, but it’s clear when a buyer hasn’t read our descriptions. We write those descriptions to help you and to answer most questions that we get daily.

Solution: Read the description carefully, especially if the language isn’t your first language. This will only help you and give you the information you need. If you still have questions, send a complete message with specific questions. This guarantees better answers from sellers.

There’s probably more to add, but this is a great start to help message better on Fiverr and to increase your success here. If you think of more as a seller add them in the comments. If you are a buyer and have some thoughts, please share.

Steven K.

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I see this is a post from this June and thus from before I even started on fiverr, but somehow it resurfaced through the recent forum hiccup I suppose, and while not recent it´s still a great and very useful post, thank you, Steven!

As there has been a change in the setup of the gig description page since the post was written, I´d add that now the ‘order requirements’, which you as a buyer could only see after ordering a gig before, is now visible already on the gig’s description page. (Good idea that, fiverr!)

So now you can see, already before you order a gig, what a seller requires from you to get the job done for you, and you can prepare it beforehand, or ask them, if you don´t understand how to provide something they ask for or why they need it
(best quote the part from their requirements which you don´t understand, so they know what exactly you are talking about).
So be sure to read the requirements in the gig description before you order or contact a seller, that could be very useful to avoid delays, frustration and order cancellations on both sides.

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I can do your work ASAP. If you are interested in my offer please INBOX . I will give you 100% MONEYBACK guarantee and a LIFETIME after sales service.

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Unfortunately some things are not clear, and you only learn as you go. Even looking carefully at all the instructions again, after the event, I can’t see how or where to do some things - like set a date for completion if it isn’t going to be within the 24 hours or whatever set by the seller for a gig (I wanted several articles, but necessarily all at once - it was just easier for me to order them all at once). And it was all agreed with the seller beforehand.

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