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This One Thing Could Be The Key To Your Fiverr Success


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It’s been a while since I came here. Last time out I wrote a post here titled “why newbies fail on fiverr” and from the feedback, it was well-received and helpful.

Following those very same tips in that post, I have gone on to attain level 1 and will hopefully hit level 2 soon.

Alright, right now I want to share with you another lesson or secret to success here on fiverr. Just like in the last post, this is also from my own personal experience here on fiverr. It is FLEXIBILITY. What do I mean? I mean for you to succeed on fiverr you may have to be flexible, change one or two things just to see if it works better.

Here is what am driving at. To experience success, you may have to change your line of service on fiverr. Let’s say you started on fiverr in the graphics niche, but unfortunately after several long weeks and even months of tweaking, twisting and testing different things including all the promotions, yet nothing works. YES, you may be good and even better than others who are doing well in that niche, but yet you are just not getting the orders.

At this point, you need to try out other services in another niche. You should ask yourself “what other service can I offer apart from this one that seems not to be working?”

If you have any, then create a gig in that niche using your current account. But in the rare occasion that you don’t have any other skill, then learn one. Put in the same effort as you did in the other niche and see what happens. This is being flexible.

That was exactly what happened to me. After several weeks and months in the graphics niche - ebook cover designs - without success, a good friend of mine gave me this advice. Then I remembered that I could write very well.

So I set up a gig to write product descriptions. in a matter of days I got an order. I processed and delivered it quickly, the buyer gave me a 5 STAR and then more orders followed.

In less than 3 weeks I attained level 1 and now will soon get to level 2. What’s more?..I have become an expert in writing powerful product descriptions with all my buyers to date very satisfied.

YES, I was good at ebook cover designs but the orders were not coming and I took my friend’s advice to change my service offering. And now, am very happy I did.

Friend, you may have to do the same thing if you really want to succeed on fiverr. Can you see now that FLEXIBILITY could be key?

NOTE: All the 7 tips I gave in my previous post on “Why Newbies Fail On Fiverr” are still valid and working. I continue to apply them to great effect till date. You may want to dig it up from the archives and go through it.

To your fiverr success,


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Very true.

My experience is similar. I started here having 2 gigs: a translating one (still up, got some orders, but as Russian is a very narrow niche, this one is not likely to generate a stream of deliveries) and a meal plan/nutrition advice one. I’m a graduated dietitian and currently doing a PhD in the area, so offering something I’m qualified to do seemed like a viable idea.

FAIL. There was no demand - people simply don’t look for such things on Fiverr. I’ve done some research - as writing seemed to be on the rise, but stubborn me still wanted to stay in the niche, I started offering a specific gig related to writing on nutrition/health.

ANOTHER FAIL. Well, kind of. I started using Buyers Requests at that point, and it was showing me all the general writing jobs as well. It was really weird to send out “I will write on nutrition” to all those people with a lengthy explanation reassuring them I can actually write on anything. Surprisingly, despite this weirdness, some buyers trusted me and accepted my offers; some of them are my regular clients now.

I shrugged my shoulders and changed my gig to a general writing one, thinking: “Well, if that’s what you want, guys…” BOOM! It really WAS what they wanted. The reviews are telling me I’m coping just fine. I’m considering increasing the prices for new clients soon as I keep getting consistent bulky orders…

So yeah, be super flexible and do as much gig tweaking as required, and don’t be afraid to compete in a busy niche. If you’re awesome and proactive, you’ll get orders eventually.

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