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Working Fulltime in Fiverr for past 1 year


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Hi, I want to share my successful fiverr story in my life.

After completing my college I didn’t get proper job for me I used to join in small companies for my expenses. My starting salary was Rs 6000 ( $100 ) Per month. When I completed two years in that company I reached only Rs 12000 ( $200 ) Per month but I can’t able to earn more than in that small company because of English communication. My Friends are all start earning more than Rs 30000 ( $500 ) Per month in different companies because they all good in communication.

So, I have decided do some part time job to earn some extra money to achieve Rs 30000 ( $500). I have register my profile in all freelancing platform including fiverr but I didn’t get any message from clients for three months after registering in freelancing platform. After that I didn’t focus in part time job.

May 31, 2014 is the special day for me in my life. Yes I just got message from first client in fiverr for $5. I just finish the job and got $5 and client gives 5 star rating. From that day I got regular job and regular clients. Now I am earning Rs 48000 ( $800 ) Per month regularly.

Start earning more than my friends*

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