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INCREASING my chances at TRS! SELLING MORE by posting in the forum!

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Be original do what you can actually do and never take a technical work for which you are not specialized. Be professional and communicate with your buyers at every level. Communication is the key for building best customer service and working relationship

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@fonthaunt - This is an excellent post; one other thing I believe may be helpful is to include that, while contributing via these gestures may be helpful, it may still be quite impossible to become a TRS without having an undeniable track record as it relates to sales and service to clients.

*Some newbies may have already drawn a blue print to execute all these gestures without first attaining the primary goal of being a meritorious seller.

Kind Regards,

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Sometimes it is more important to wait to contribute than to contribute too soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

I entirely agree that it is near impossible to become a TRS without a great track record. Newbies often think it is all about sales or all about being noticed. I suspect that providing good and honest service to buyers is far more important. Thank you for your ideas!

(I say โ€œnearโ€ impossible because people sometimes stumble onto TRS accounts that look odd and have very low sales or even awful ratings. Some of these are test accounts used by staff and are not based on any merit.)

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