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Alert to all fiverrians!

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Whether a newbie or a top-rated, this is for all of us to understand and strengthen our Fiverr security. As a seller, I wondered why people still cheat on fiverr despite the cheap service offer here unlike other freelance site.
They post request as a buyer and after you application to their offer, they attach some files to contact them outside fiverr perhaps email.
Most time you don’t even have to apply to any of their offer, they will just send you a message and after clicking on their message you either find out that their account is blocked, they will thereby request of you to contact them outside the Fiverr.
With Fiverr doing our world a lot of good,how do will still have swindlers parading themselves over here as a buyer.
Please let us be aware and not be ashamed to escalate such culprits, if possible name them because of our ourselves in other to have a genuine platform that connect us for business and to live a legacy for the generation yet to come to have a something reliable on ground for them as a living source.
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It’s really easy. Just keep following the Terms of Service yourself (which means not contacting so-called buyers or sellers outside of Fiverr in this case) and you are fine. The people violating the rules are regularly removed by Fiverr staff and if you encounter them, you can report them to Customer Support.

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