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How to Increase to our Selling?


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Your post was moved to Improve my Gig which is the right category for your needs. Your gigs look pretty good, you have a nice price structure and I see good reviews. The only thing I see that might hold you back from a marketing/business perspective is a difficult topic. You might consider removing the religious references in your profile and instead, come to the forum to celebrate your gains in Fiverr Stories and include your thanks to the God there.

Of course, it is not against any rules to put the references in your profile, but honestly it could cause confusion for some buyers who don’t know the meaning. Those buyers might just move away from what they don’t understand and buy from someone with a plain business profile. Please don’t take offense as this is not personal judgement, but to increase sales I believe it is worth trying.

I have given the same suggestion to those of other faiths who have mentions in their profile, unless the gig is directly related to religion. Either way, good luck on Fiverr!

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