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Many months later, finally Level 2!


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I signed up for Fiverr last year, near the middle of 2012. I had about 14 successful gigs and then they all stopped due to personal reasons, I had to suspend my gigs. After my old job went out of business, leaving me with nothing but a huge gap in my life, I got back on Fiverr and joined up with my good buddy River Kanoff. I’m his unofficial voice acting agent. a bit over 2 weeks ago we came up with the idea to do a joint Fiverr project. I would handle customer service, getting the gigs prepared and delivered to him and visa versa. This offers the clients something great, a cooperative project among two amazing friends and business partners.

The orders we’ve received have been so positive, so easy to work with and very happy with our work. We set out to become level 2 sellers, offer a cheap but professional voice over service for businesses and personal projects alike. I cannot believe how amazing people have been and how impressed they have been with his voice and my customer service. If you’re wondering, yes we’re good friends and we communicate on a personal level as well as professional. We always deliver in 12 hours and if we’re really busy, a max of 24 hours.

The point is, today I filled 2 orders, I refreshed the page 2 minutes later and I saw YOUR A LEVEL 2 SELLER! Now, I’ve been excited before, but I jumped up from my chair, screamed to my wife and kids HOLY CRAP I’M A LEVEL 2 SELLER! I then called Riverr and screamed BRO, WE’RE LEVEL TWO SELLERS MAN! and he was like “YEEEEEEEEEESS!!!” then he hung up cause he dropped the phone, called back and said “WOOO HOOOO!!!” So the moral of the story is, we’re the happiest people on Earth! 😃

Fiverr is amazing, the people, the buyers, sellers and most importantly; the staff of Fiverr! We’re going to continue to kick major butt and offer the best service we can. I have other gigs but this voice over gig is very unique because it’s done by two buddies who mutually agreed on everything, from how we handle file organization to keeping in communication on what our clients/buyers need. Big tip; always be yourself in Fiverr but in a more professional manner. So, be you, professionally haha!

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