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Fiverr Corporate Support For Companies

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No doubt, most of the freelancers here at fiverr are working on their own.
So there is a limit of work which individual can accept.

What if we can expand our capacity by hiring our own crew.

I tried to do this once. But the draw-back is I can’t let my fellow workers to access my account. Because then they will have access to everything about my page including revenue reports etc.
Which means I have to do all the coordination with customers, and coordination with fellow workers.

What if Fiverr implements a user end where only sales information can be pulled. (Like buyer requests, editing & creating gigs etc).

And one end for workers which includes information about pending orders etc.

Then I could simply have a project coordinator to coordinate all the pending deliveries and a sales guy to maintain + improve the gigs.

Then I can spend my time on improving overall services where we can bring fiverr to the next level with quality service providers like never before.

And there are lot of guys who try to work on Fiverr but fail due to lack of communication + marketing skills. But they are skilled at what they do.

This opens for window for them as well.

Think about having multiple professional scale companies which offers variety of services instead of individual sellers.

Fiverr could be the universal hub of services.

I know it’a a lot to process. But appreciate if we can have such a feature at least in future.


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Hi Shane,

It sounds like you’re looking for the option to have a Fiverr group/agency account. I think that would be really cool. Especially for certain services that pair well, like video testimonials & video editing or graphic design and website services. I don’t see why it would be difficult to implement. The only challenge I can immediately identify is payment. I don’t know how Fiverr could set up partial distributions (50% to one party in the group account, for example) or how the breakdown of who gets what percentage would work.

I still think this is an awesome idea worth considering.


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Dear Lew,
Thank you for your feedback.

What I’m suggesting is bit different.

There will be one entrepreneur who leads the group. He / she will hire people to do work for him. Then he / she can pay them a salary or payment per project.

But only he / she will be dealing with Fiverr when it comes to payments.

But other employees who work under him will get limited access to the Fiverr.com
(Only to preview pending jobs etc.)

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