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Why is my gig not being showed in the search results?


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Greetings Fiverr family,
I have been working on Fiverr.com since more than 6 months now. and have also earned level 2 seller batch with 100% positive review and serving all my clients with care and diligence. I am loving it and I have built my account brick by brick. I have hardly faced any issue with the portal. However, these days I have seen a number of bugs in the portal after that day’s (when the website went offline) sudden shut down. which were minor and ignorable.
Two days back, a strange thing happened. untill morning I received orders. but then when I saw the search results of my gig, I was not able to see my gig anywhere in the search results. although my link is working perfectly alright. Can anybody help me out with this?

I hope you can understand my situation, where I worked day and night to get my gig ranked on first page. and now its gone…😦

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