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I became a Father last week & now my Fiverr profile looks different


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Last week my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I’ve turned Fiverr back on after 5 days of vacation mode and my profile has changed a lot compared to most Fiverr profiles.

I now have just have clicked on other peoples profiles in the forum to compare and they are still the old type.

Not sure if Fiverr management saw my profile as a test case as I was on holiday or becasue I’m usually very active on my profile tweaking things or what?

As you can see I have 3 columns instead of the usual 5x4 layout. I have a description area which I’m having trouble changing. The save button isn’t working just yet. I also have been able to add skills and I even have the ability to add Education and Certification info also down the left hand side although haven’t done that yet.

Does anyone else have this new type of Fiverr profile?

What are your thoughts?

Kind Regards,
Murray / Creativeman

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Hi Murray,
I just had the new profile layout appear suddenly on my page as well. I have been looking, but have only seen minimal chat about the new arrangement. I think there are only a few of us out there who have seen the change yet. Most profiles I have seen recently are the older style.

I did tinker with the Education settings, but it is pretty limited. I have an MBA, and I can choose that option, but it won’t show up on the Education.

Overall, I like it that they’re moving in this direction - we didn’t have much room before to give background on ourselves.


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Guest backlinks_index

Just looks like a landing page.
It may be modified to give a professional impression to the seller

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Congratulations on the new baby girl. So exciting 😉

My profile looks different as well when I click on it. When I click on others they still look the same to me.

With the new appearance I see Fiverr is adding links to facebook, linkedin …

It also gives us the opportunity to add “Skills”, “Education” and “Certification”

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