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Let\'s keep fiverr a not such \"discrimination and racism\" platform!


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Hello to all honest freelancers workers out there.

See what I’ve sent to fiverr stuff for review, maybe even agreement. I will keep you updated with they robotic OR honest human answer once I’ll receive it:


I am sending a request on the same subject you are receiving (I think) daily dozens of applications.

But I must, cause I’ve lost my patience and trust in fiverr’s honest exposure of all users with activity older than 5 years! You should really treat all users with equal chances of earning, equal chances of exposure, if not for all users, at least the ones that really tried to keep 100% 5*feedback and good relations with all clients!

You promised to charge money to have features applications, what happened? Peopleperhour has a such option: pay to be promoted!

I’m a fiverr member since June 2011, and I earned a net $xxxx (of course, you may add your HUGE 20% fee you received from all my earnings).

I understand you will reply an automatic/robotic reply to my message, but I still hope someone there will take the time to really support my request, without an automatic answer like: “not possible, maybe sell more, or earn $100,000 more / month, and then we will reconsider a better exposure for your gigs”, or “please come back in 10 years, now we support with exposure only our close family friends”…

I also understand that my net $xxxx earnings in 5 years is not much, since there are users that earn this amount INTO ONE SINGLE MONTH or YEAR!!! But do you know why is this amount they earn??? Because of your exposure. You are exposing same users again, and again, all over same and same users featured into various categories, even with 2 or 3 gigs! Please, for God sakes, ADMIT IT! Once you are featuring someone, that person will keep that exposure for a very very long time, without we the rest (the flock) , to have even a change once per month for an exposure.

I’ve seen users having featured gigs into the whiteboard video category and that user has at least 3 major English grammatical errors into his gig’s description. What is the ironic part is that it’s stated that he is a native American… I mean, what??? He was even providing goanimate services for video production at $5 to $50, I mean what??? GoAnimate said it will contact fiverr stuff directly to ask fiverr’ company leadership to remove, ban or reject any goanimate video creation for which the users are not providing FOR EACH CREATED VIDEO/ORDER one license per video! Only the one goanimate license per video is $79, so how can this freelacner with a featured goanimate service to sell his 1 minute video service of goanimate animation for only $5, when he should start the price from at least $5+ $79 (the license) = ~$85… this is really strange…

Please note that your security is so low, that using the free VPN Hola from chrome a Pakistani can create an US or even UK or German fiverr account!!! I mean… WHAT??? Are we talking about fiverr?

Plus, his videos are not even closer as quality and professionalism as other whiteboard services I saw on NOT features gigs. This is something unfair…

So I start wondering: is still fiverr the grates freelancer’s marketplace out there, or it starts to be a “family” business featuring only family members, friends and pals? Cause in the last 5 years, each time I requested a better exposure for AT LEAST ONE OF MY GIGS, each and single time my request was rejected. It was the same scenario with my other 3 friends (two Romanian and one American).

I would like to say (in this sad mood how I am now) that I will no longer use fiverr, I will no longer recommend fiverr to anyone else, and I will start selling my services on freelancer or even on pph (which doesn’t have a such 20% HUGE FEE per order!)… but I’ll wont… cause If I make another $xxxx in the next 5 years (not even having even one single gig featured, never) it’s still something than nothing.

All I am asking is to give the chance to each hard worker freelancer to have at least one of his gigs featured or place it with a better exposure, by rotation, for a constant period of time, like from month to month, at least 2-3 days per month…

Someone there into the fiverr community must take some action and bring back the honesty into your “family” and lets leave out any discrimination and racism between users of any nationality!


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exactly as I’ve told you :((((((
here is their "robotic/automatic reply:


We’ve marked this ticket (#1447500) as resolved.


Joey (Fiverr Customer Support)

May 31, 10:14 AM

Hello there,

Thank you for contacting us. Please know that we do not have an option at this time for users to pay for their gigs to receive more exposure. Please see our article on Requesting More Exposure on Gigs. Unfortunately we are not able to fulfill your request at this time. Instead, I suggest visiting our Academy, as well as our Forum, where you can find many tips/advice about how to get more sales.

Joey | Fiverr Customer Support
Please review our Fiverr Online Safety Tips
Fiverr Customer Support

To review the ticket comment history, follow the link below:


Fiverr Customer Support

I mean… WOWWW!!!
For real???

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