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Finding a gig you located AGAIN when you were disconnected from it by mistake


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I’m relatively new to buying on Fiverr and am bewildered by some of its ways and seeking help urgently. I am trying to order a book design cover maDE and I located a Gig I wanted to use and then by mistake the web connectionwas lost and cI CANNOT FIND THAT GIG AGAIN!! It is a popular, extremely professional outfi tand they did list their name as FAB 100 - but there is no way for me to search a gig by NAME(as far as I can discover) on Fiverr. So cannot relocate that gig and have gone through hundreds of listings searching because I want to place the order with them today if possible. Is there some way that someone, or Fiverr itself, can help me locate FAB 100 and place an order to them?

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