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Scams Through Messaging


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So I get a message on Fiverr today, a scam, by the way.

“Hello dear friend i am Mrs Rachel Simpson im new here please kindly contact me with my email (rachelsimpson785@gmail.com)i have an important urgent project you can help me do”

1- Talk about vague, big sign of a scam
2- “dear friend” is a huge flashing sign of suck up to get you to do what they want.
3- Asking you to contact them outside of fiverr is about as blatant as it can get.

How am I sure this is a scam? Well just look up the name Rachel Simpson online and you’ll find a but load of scam stuff. Here is one of the messages she has been sending out.

“Nice to connect with you i am Mrs Rachel Simpson i have been diagnosed with Esophageal cancer. It has defied all forms of medical treatment and right now I have only about a few months to live im looking for a God fearing and trusted person that will carry out a charity organization for me please contact me via my email
rachelsimpson785@gmail.com for full details about me”

I am guessing either Fiverr was on the ball, and when I went in to answer they had been blocked, or the scammer had blocked themselves so that no one could respond through Fiverr (huge red flag).

The problem is I still have the message, and access to the email. For those who are new to Fiverr they may contact the scammer using the email they see in the message. They might not be aware of the policy of not contacting the client separately from Fiverr, or they may not know English very well and be unfamiliar with business practices. This makes it much easier for them to get scammed. Not only this, but the last time this happened to me, I wasn’t able to respond because the message was blocked. And this effected my response rate. I hope Fiverr can fix these issues.

If Fiverr is aware that this is a scam then the message blocking communication should be clearer.

Letting a buyer leave a message and then blocking any incoming messages should not be allowed on the site, period. These types of messages should never have effected a sellers response rate.

If a scam is detected, then shouldn’t Fiverr erase all messages from that person?

For those sellers new to Fiverr:
1- Do not deal with messages from people who ask you to do business outside of Fiverr

For those buyers who are new to Fiverr:
1- Don’t ask to do business outside of Fiverr
2- Don’t block users from responding to your messages.
3- Be clear about the job you want to hire them for in your message.
4- And don’t get overly friendly. Saying " dear friend" or other such things is really, really creepy!

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This U.S.A seller about the same he says he will convert you website to mobile for $5.00 BUT what he doesn’t tell you that you have host it through his company for $39.99 a month and he had his link/name for the mobile site not mine. SCAMMER = johnfpetr

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Oh I had her too. I unblocked her to tell her to do one then reported her.

@johnboys, that does sound a bit bait and switchy, and a look at their profile/gigs indicates that they haven’t made a sale yet, and I would question that they are even American from their shoddy English. Just report him to Customer Support, as nobody here can help.

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Same types of messages I’ve got for three time in a week. i don’t open them as I get notification from fiverr something about security reasons bla bla…
Now as I’m not answering all of my incoming messages, therefore, my response rate has fallen down to 86%. How to solve this issue?

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