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Late delivery query


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I found a few older posts on late deliveries, but didn’t manage to find an answer to my specific situation, so hope it’s okay to start a new thread?

I have an active order from a returning client. I need information to be able to complete the gig, and although the client has typed a message in the requirements box, he hasn’t actually given me the documents I need. The gig is now late (should have been delivered yesterday), and I’ve had no response to the message I sent nudging him for the information I need.

I’m confident that he will provide high feedback once the gig is completed. Can prospective clients see any information related to late deliveries? Will it have a negative effect on my standing here on Fiverr? I can’t see any way to alter the deadline of an active gig, nor can I think of any other way around this.

Thoughts and experience from more experienced Fiverr sellers would be much appreciated 🙂

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