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How long can I edit review again



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What’s b.s. about this is that I just cancelled a gig because the seller and I couldn’t come together on a product that was going to be satisfactory to me. He just wasn’t going to be able to do it. So what happened? Fiverr slapped him with a 1-star review without my knowledge. Now, he’s upset (rightfully so) and I’m upset (rightfully so again). If I can change the review I intend to.

Hasn’t fiverr ever seen an instance where a buyer and seller just couldn’t attain a satisfactory result and they just parted ways amicably? If I walk into a business to see if I can get something done or buy a product and they can’t accommodate me, I don’t go onto Yelp and leave them a one star review. I think it’s bogus that fiver gave this seller a one star review just because the order was cancelled.

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Sorry…I thought we weren’t supposed to start a new thread if there was already one


Hi @lbkcreative,

If you notice, this thread is originally from more than a year ago. Back then, the review system was a lot different than it is right now. Therefore, I think it would’ve been more helpful if you created a new thread…

But, no worries… I think your doubt has been clarified. As of right now, neither the buyer nor the seller can edit a review once it has been posted.

One suggestion: Please do not try to contact CS regarding editing/changing reviews, no matter if it is a review you posted or if it is a review you received from a buyer. I have read many posts on the forum where Fiverr demoted/warned/(even) banned sellers who did that. No matter what, just move on… That’s the smartest choice imo 🙂

Good luck! ☃️

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