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I'm new to Fiverr and need some advice from the pro's


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Hi Fiverr community, I’ve recently been introduced to Fiverr and how awesome it is so I’ve just set up my profile. I’m an illustrator with a few years of experience under my belt and can work to any brief from and adapt my style as needed.
I’ve added two gigs so far but I need some help to know what to do next so I have some questions:
When I type my gig title into the search bar nothing comes up. How do I change this?

I’ve read on the forum that it’s best to advertise myself through Buyers Requests. Does this mean I need to create a new gig for every request I’m interested in?

I also don’t want to limit myself to my current two gigs so should I also add another gig for general illustration and design work?

My main question is how do I best promote myself through Fiverr so I can begin to build interest and create a business for myself?

I’m really keen to make this a success so any advice and support will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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  1. When creating your gig’s title, keep it inside the recommended limits. If you see green text along the lines of, “Just right!,” that’s good. If you see red text along the lines of, “Too long!,” you need to shorten it. The reason this is so is because Fiverr knows the right length of headline that buyers pay attention to. Too short, nobody clicks. But too long, and Fiverr can’t display all the text. Fix the headline on your second gig so that it fits inside the recommended length.

  2. This could just be a matter of waiting for Fiverr to index your gigs. If you want to increase your chances of being found, though, pick a few core keywords and try to get at least one of them into your gig’s title, description, and meta-tags. This will help you rank better in search results, but if you want to see where you stand in the hierarchy, then go to your sub-category and browser sellers by high rating. This will show how many sellers Fiverr’s ranking algorithm believes are better than you and at least show you that your gigs are active. You might be WAY down the list, but don’t worry: Fiverr goes to a lot of effort to flood new sellers with traffic for a few weeks after they started.

  3. Buyer requests are exactly that: requests from buyers who want sellers to offer their services. Don’t make the mistake of creating advertisements in the form of a request - the only people who see buyer requests are other sellers. Having said that, though, illustration is a big category on Fiverr and you can probably cook up some sales by sending custom offers to buyers requesting work. You can send up to 10 offers per day, so make the most of them! Be aware, though, that some buyers who use the buyer-request feature to solicit offers are highway robbers who’ll try to beat you up over price and push you to bottom dollar. Those kinds of buyers frequently also leave bad reviews in spite of your effort to please them.

  4. Create many gigs! When I started on Fiverr, I had over six gigs, but I eventually worked down to just one main gig because I found out what worked best for me. Creating a gig is a lot of work - I’ll spend a week writing copy, taking pictures, researching key words, and assembling sample work - but the finished product is really great. Play around and see what leaps into action. I’m not an illustrator, but I’ve heard that for illustrators it’s good to have multiple gigs so you don’t have to try and fit your entire repertoire of skills, knowledge, and abilities into one gig.

  5. Fiverr is a means to an end, not an end in itself, and while Fiverr will advertise you without any extra effort on your part, you should advertise yourself on social media or via Google ads, etc. because if you rely solely on Fiverr then you’ll notice that your sales come in waves. This is because you’re falling in and out of Fiverr’s cycles of promoted sellers for your category. This is a fickle way to work, and not good if you intend to earn a full-time income via Fiverr.

  6. In answer to your main question, there is at present no way to advertise yourself through Fiverr. Fiverr will advertise you the same as they advertise all sellers via their tailored ads and other efforts to brings buyers to sellers, but the best thing you can do is optimize your gig, create multiple gigs, and promote yourself outside of Fiverr. And contrary to popular belief, being busy on the Forum doesn’t do anything to generate sales - it’s a very, very small minority Fiverr users on the forum, and even then it’s almost entirely sellers.

Happy hunting! Lots of helpful folks on the forum, so don’t be shy if you have other questions.

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