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Can\'t find my gig


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When I try searching for my gig like a buyer might, I can’t find me. I am a voice over artist and my statement says, “I will record a PROFESSIONAL hq voice over in 24 hours” When I try searching by voice over, professional voice over, hq voice over, PROFESSIONAL hq voice over and probably a couple others, I cannot find me. I try this by Tier One and Online and I am not there. The only thing I haven’t tried is going thru all 3,000 voice over people .

I went to Fiverr Support and I got a “form” answer and after bouncing back and forth a couple times I decided I wasn’t making myself clear enough. She did suggest coming to the forum so here I am.

What am I doing wrong or not understanding? I want people to find me, but now it appears that I am not able to be found unless I have given them my direct link. Any help you can provide would be useful.

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