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Buyers or opportunists? A heart to heart talk with fiverr Buyers


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I personally think that the offering of services for extremely low at the beginning is a great strategy. That’s what I did when I started on fiverr. It was far too difficult to compete against lvl 1, level 2, and TRS who had a substantial amount of reviews while I had 0.
My clients needed to be given some sort of leverage to take a risk and that happened to be cost. My lowest point was at the beginning when I found myself writing 1,000 word essays for only 10 dollars. Now, I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out how excruciating that is for such little money. Nonetheless, at the time, I saw it as a means of rising up and it worked in the long run. I think “writing” gigs can do quite well and profit if you give it time. Not too long after, I even found myself making 100 dollars off of a 1,000 word essay needed in under 24 hours.
Another thing that I did was always deliver my gigs early. It does not matter to me if a seller paid for an expedited delivery or not. I made it my mission to get it in to them as soon as possible and I think that should be the mindset of any seller who wants to produce quality work.
I think a lot of the points you raised are not only a fiverr issue, but a people issue. People suck in general and always want to get the best quality of work for the lowest cost. Just remember that not everyone is terrible. I’ve come across some amazing clients who appreciate my diligence and are willing to pay more just to compensate me for my time. Cheers and best of luck to all.

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Each writer needs to know what he can handle. If your client has a 240 page book, you would need a special software like grammarly and even then you’re going to have to read every page and make sure there are no mistakes. Then there’s the uncertainty of the following.

  1. Client doesn’t like your work and demands a refund
  2. Client does a chargeback with PayPal

This is why I don’t like huge jobs.

“They charge in excess, I mean way too much.”

That is their prerogative. One buyer charges $10 to deliver in 3-days, another charges $5 to deliver in one day, another charges $50 or $100. Who decides what price is right? The buyers. If I’m busy, I know I’ll make more money by raising prices, but if business is slow, I have no choice but to lower them. This is what Adam Smith meant by the invisible hand of the marketplace, it is not the State that decides what things are worth in a capitalist economy, but the buyers and sellers. You can follow the market as much as you want or ignore it completely, my suggestion is to find a happy medium where you’re making enough money but not killing yourself in the process.

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Hi sir, your post is really a heart talk, i can feel it i am freelance writer. i know what it feels when your client say low prices for work. But there is a lot competition sir, we have to comprise our prices, otherwise we can’t get work. Writing is my passion but some times i feels that i should try with any other domain because it’s take a lot time and pay out’s are very less. And adding to that some client takes the work and if there little bit mistakes there they give 1 and 2 star review, at that time it feel like why I take the order. But over all it a part of work , every thing has two aspects we have to live with this. But thank you so much for your post, it looks that at least some one is there who understand our feelings. 🙂

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@richjoy I completely agree with you. I have done my best to avoid them but there are few buyers who always send me a message like this:
An easy project
Write 1500 words
Offer $20
1 day delivery
No plagiarism
References included
Unlimited Revisions

I always used to laugh it off. Neither I write at this price nor I offer multiple revisions. They ask again for the price. I tell them $100 (for express delivery) mentioning ‘one revision that too with the same guidelines’. I always get the same reply “too expensive”. I know they are resellers and I daily notice their requests in the buyer requests section. It is going to be expensive for them. I only hate why do they send the same message every other day as if one day I am going to agree with their price and expectations. Genuine buyers come saying that you are too expensive. I just need to pass and you need to write a low-quality write-up. I laugh it off as well. The most irritating are those who want me to re-word. It is just re-wording according to them but it takes me the same time. Why should I offer it on a lower offer price? I basically do not entertain this request. Tell them I do not offer this service and it is specifically mentioned in gig’s description.

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After reading about the experiences other Buyers and Sellers have had, I feel incredibly fortunate. I do more selling than buying and so far everything’s gone very smoothly. I’ve done some really interesting projects and have had the opportunity to work with people from all over the world … people I’d never have otherwise met. I’ve received some great feedback which has given me the confidence to tackle bigger jobs and I’ve purchased services where the results went beyond my expectations. I’m in no way making a living through Fiverr, but I’m getting a lot of valuable experience and making a few bucks along the way. I hope my good luck holds out because so far I’m really enjoying myself out here.

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I am a Buyer, and I do understand the points you have enlisted.

As a buyer, I would love to tip the seller if I am happy with their work. But let us remember, not all buyers are financially strong. Some are probably charging 10$ to someone else just to get it done from fiverr at $5. 😛 (That’s not a bad idea to be honest. 😕 )

anyway, My field of interest is SEO, Traffic, Sales, Marketing, Ads, etc for my website. I puchase traffic via fiverr and the seller sends me a link which says i have 400+ visitors on my site. When i check my site, it says I have had 4 visitors. I send a question to the seller, "My site is showing 4 visitors, ur link shows 400+, the seller simply “Cancels” the order instead of responding or any other conversation.

It was my first purchase on fiverr, I was excited about it. Coz I thought my site will get tons of visitors and probably a lot of sales, but the way it all turned out, left me shocked.

That as my first experience, it kept me away from fiverr for a month 😛

I am back now, making offers, buying gigs, still hoping to find a gig that actually delivers. 🙂

My two cents are nothing extraordinary, but I hope you get the point. There are a lot of fake promises on fiverr, not everything is cheap, they just fake it, most of the times, they deliver with the use of bots, software n what not. Which results in unsatisfied customers, and the same customers end up being “More careful” or act “cheap” when finding another gig. 🙂

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