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How can my gigs be listed on the search results?

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The problem is that my gigs do not show on search results when I search for the keywords, impressions have dropped and views came to 0.

I understand that ranking is not guarantied, or maybe they are aout of Fiverr’s “editorial focus”. My gigs are about showing methods of making passive income online, what’s the problem with this? This is not on Fiverr’s editorial focus? I see a lot of gigs with this topic indexed on the search results.

So what can I do about this, or it is just a fatal situation and Fiverr has no other reply for this except “this is not on our editorial focus”?

If you don’t want to accept my gigs Fiverr, say it explicitely what is on your editorial focus and what is not! If Fiverr dones’t show my gigs on the serch results why should I give to fiverr 20% for every sale I make promoting my myself?!

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We add the same question to fiverr customer support and below is fiverr answers:

Thank you for contacting us regarding your inquiry. We don’t guarantee where a gig will be found in search or category as these gigs are rotated all of the time. I have checked on your account and your Gigs are fine, please understand that Fiverr is very dynamic and competitive and you may want to try refresh/adjust/edit your Gig periodically.

Note that our Search results are not static and they change all the time, and every user sees search differently. Keywords do not necessarily make the search accordingly, it only makes it easier for users to search for specific categories, and not the gigs.

That is why it is suggested to search for gigs by their name.

Hope you help you 🙂


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Fiver targeting all the gig market. They are handling gig bunches and recomonding them by adding to recommend list and ciculing them. So if you create a good gih inliding super praphics great discriptions and well difined gig you will probebly get recommended. Keep in touch with your avcount. Make it your show room in fiverr market place. Treet your customers as you are very helpfull and very keen to what you are doing. Don’t do just a gig but serve your customers for archieving their intentions.

Just try it. Make your mind to that world of fiverr market place and live in your showroom.
Probably you will feel the fiverr. It’s fantastically fantastic 🙂 Believe me.

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