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Can someone help a new Fiverr seller out?

Guest outofthedeck

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Guest outofthedeck

I joined not too long ago, but my gigs have been up long enough to reach hundreds of impressions and views, although somehow at most 6 clicks? A bit confusing since you’d think clicks would lead to views and so they should be similar. Maybe someone can help.

Anyway that’s not what I’m asking about. I have really severe social anxiety, almost housebound, but I am trying to apply in physical locations like pet stores. But since I still don’t have a job, this is one of my few options to make anything.

How can I make my gigs look more promising? I know packages are great, but I have art school (online), so I can’t do anything that swallows up too much of my time. I’m a bit concerned that maybe I look too desperate (even though I kind of am). Or maybe they don’t look authentic? Or maybe it’s just too competitive here. I try looking at the Buyer’s Requests, but 80% is sellers posting on it for some reason which is really disheartening.

I have posted on some social media like Facebook, but I don’t really get around much on the web, so I don’t have a lot of options and the last thing I need is another crazy password to remember.

How can I improve my gigs and my visibility without putting too much pressure on myself?

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