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Try Old Buyers and Clients


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On this forum, you will see many articles written about how to increase sales and revenues.
But did you know that your old buyers can also give you a lot of business?

YES! ever wondered and visited your inbox to see who were your clients why they did not get any service from you again even after they gave you a 5 star review? 5 star review means that you have given them an exceptional service and the client was happy then how come they did not contact again?

Well its the psych, the buyer usually tries to get a new seller who will offer them cheaper rates and a good service but if you want this business, open up your inbox, contact your buyers.

Simple greet them, ask them about their health and wellness and remind them that if they need any service and assistance, you are here to help. Offer them competitive pricing formula and you never know that you will get a business from them.

Try it and do let me know in the comments about how did this method go 🙂


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