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Did not get any work


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Guest matt_garry

I would try and message the seller first and tell him it was empty maybe he was just late and tried to stop the clock so he could deliver soon and it not get canceled. or maybe he just did it by mistake.

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I’m in a similar situation now:

My seller did some work (~60% of the gig) before I even ordered. Being very happy with that, I also ordered the express version, just as a tip (normal time was 24hrs anyway).

Now he immediately pushed the finished button, with work still unfinished and especially nothing at all delivered (it’s programming, so the code on his server is not enough. I’ll want to put it on my own and maybe adjust it later).

One more communication after that (explaining what’s missing) and then silence…

Now, I’ll be off the web for a long weekend. Is there a deadline for rating, complaining, …



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