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Problem when to pay for the gig that i order

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Hello fiverr team .

actually since last 2 week i face this problem . when i order gig , and want to pay fiverr cannot receive that money and my payment was rejected so many times .

after discuss with fiverr team , we found the reason .

the reason is Fiverr based at Israel and Israel are the country that many country banned to have any relation (diplomatic or economy) . its including my country . and the money cannot go to Israel . in other words , the money cannot go to fiverr because fiverr based at Israel .

that is the main point of reason why my payment all was rejected before .

fiverr team also ask me to try skrill . open skrill account , upload money and transfer . i got big problem with skrill . i upload money and pay fees . after that they reject my money , i loss the fees , and when they send back money to me . the amount is not same with the amount that i send for the first . so i loss the fee amount and the different amount from sending and get back .

after that fiverr team ask me to try another channel . thats also not work .

i give solution to fiverr team to open account at other country such at US . and when we pay , we pay to fiverr account at US . but still no action taken .

until now my project delay and get problem . i want order so many thing from the seller gig . but the problem is how to pay .

please give solution .

bitcoin also not working .

i hope fiverr team can answer with real best solution because i dont want get cheated as i got at skrill . i email skrill so many times ask why they take my money . they dont answer until now .

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