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Level 2 Seler in 25 Days! Complete Blueprint

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Greetings, dear members!

Today we completed our final order on our checklist and became Level 2 Seller.We are so exciting here at PluralSpot Headquarter.We would like to let you stay informed about how we leveraged our profile throughout Fiverr Marketplace.So take a coffee and some sweeties and let’s begin.

1.Before choosing your name you need to know 2 factors: your niche and competition.Choose a real name if you are an independent freelancer.In case you are a team as we are, feel free to use your business name.
2. Profile Picture: It should definitely be a face of a happy person.We used the face of our Designer Bogdan 🙂
3.Take some time and analyze the marketplace competition before creating your first gig.To skyrocket your start you will need to charge the minimum amount and double minimize the delivery time.For example, your competitors in design niche have a $10 Gig delivered in 4 Days. You need to overcome their offer, charging $5 on 2 Days Delivery Time.
4.Create your first gigs with passion and professionalism.Be political correct when writing the description.Use Call to Action lines.Don’t hesitate to explain where are you good at.
5.Take some time and create videos for your gig.With the new thumbnail function, you can easily set the desired preview of your video.
6.Create a blog or even better a website where you will post your promo content and graphically explain your skills.This is crucial.
7. Go Social! Create accounts, pages or become a member of groups on FB, G+, Twitter and more important Linkedin.
8.Have your account verified for Linkedin, G+, and FB so the buyers will know that you are a real person.
9.Be patient! We have waited 6 days for the first order.

Now let’s talk about ways of outsourcing your potential buyers:
1.Linkedin Groups
2.Quora -Q&A Platform
3.Facebook Groups
4.Yahoo! Answers
5.Fiverr’s Buyer Requests which will be available once you will publish your first gig.
8.Google Alerts

There is much more to discuss so stay tuned as two times per week we will post a podcast regarding leveraging your profile on Fiverr Marketplace.

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To clarify for readers, you cannot create a Fiverr account and go from level 0-2 in 25 days. Even if you were already level 1, you must have 50 sales in 2 consecutive months (about 60 days) to achieve level 2 which you can see on the Levels page. Don’t fret if you see the title of the OP and think 25 days is realistic. It’s nice clickbait only.

Everyone needs a minimum of 60 days on Fiverr and you will need very high quality gigs and a lot of time/effort to realistically go from 0-2 in somewhere between 2-4 months.

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Definitely! We have created our account in March but had our first sale on 26 April.One week ago we were promoted to Level one and today as Level 2 Seller.We are not looking to offer bad tips for new sellers.Just to clarify any doubts 🙂

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To be realistic, there is lot of competition on fiverr. You have to make sure that your Gigs is very hot in demo and give any answer any request to make customer be satisfy. Be patient as well, I have waited for like 25 days for my first order. I am always happy to read nice post like yours.

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