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Buyers, Please Don't take Advantage of the Sellers


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Good day to all Buyers,

First of all, Fiverr is a good avenue of putting my craft/ service on the market. I totally appreciate that I can communicate directly to my customers about what they want and what are their expectations on my service.

Apparently, I’ve also had a share of negative experiences where the Buyer would try to take advantage of the service that I provide.
I’m just writing this concern now, as I don’t want to experience anything negative anymore, as I also do my part in providing the best experience to all of my customers.

This is my experience of a buyer who wanted to use so much of my time without even compensating me of the time that I lost.
I’ve had a customer that ordered 2 heads to turn into caricatures, and they paid $10 for it.

During our conversation prior to the order, the customer sent two pictures with the 2 individuals on each picture. Customer said that either of those can be use as a reference on the caricature that I will create; so I decided to choose the clearer copy; and besides, I noted on my gig that I will need a clear copy picture of the person that they want to be caricatured.
Then eventually, I sent a custom offer with an earlier delivery date coz they want it delivered in just a few days but they were asking a favor not to add an additional charge (earlier than the supposed delivery had they order it directly on my gig), and with the agreed amount ($10 only).
Upon ordering, the customer even added if I can include the folded hands on the drawing though the amount that he paid is just for the “head-to-shoulder” only.
I then agreed to it since it’s just a minor request and of course I want him to have the best experience with me and with Fiverr.
When I delivered the caricature, he mentioned that it was lovely and all that, but he wants the other head changed, into the other picture that he sent. Although, there’s nothing much of a difference; short hair, same features but he wanted the facial expression of that person on the other picture.
I told him that, since he agreed that I can choose either of the pictures that he sent, I chose the clearer copy, and I was even specific on the order requirement to have the customer provide all the instructions, because the revision that I allow does not include the redrawing of heads or the entire caricature, specially if it’s not what we have discussed.
He then replied, that it’s okay but he felt so disappointed because he really wanted my work but doesn’t want the picture that I chose.
So I end up cancelling the order.
I cancelled it because I don’t want to entertain the drama; as if it was my fault that he did not indicate that I should be using the other picture for the other person’s head.

As much as I would like to be polite and friendly to all of my customers, I also would like them to respect me - not just the time that I spend on my work but also the labor (effort) that I exert into it.
I am very patient and communicative (with all of my customers) because I consider my Fiverr account as my real business aside from my daily job in the company office that I work for.

Please note that as much as you (the customers) don’t want to wait for longer delivery periods, we as sellers don’t want to waste our time and efforts too.
Please, BE SPECIFIC IN EVERY DETAIL on how you want the work to come out.
Please, BE REASONABLE on your budget.

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Thanks for the advise. I don’t usually cancel, as it also defeats the payment. But that situation just took the toll on me after several messages that the customer sent. I guess, I felt I had to move on with my other orders instead of wasting more time with it. Hopefully, I won’t have to experience it again.

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Don’t worry I’ve had to cancel before as well but lately, I’m learning that lots of buyers try to do this in order to get work done for free. Your job is to work on Fiverr, let customer service help you with all the BS that comes your way.

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Yes, but good thing I had my watermark on with that cancelled order. 🙂 Up to him if he’ll use it with the watermark. I believe, Fiverr removes the watermark automatically only after the order has been marked as completed.

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