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My First 6 Months on Fiverr - Month 3


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Many come to Fiverr in hopes of launching a rewarding freelancing career. I am one of those people, and decided to share what I’ve experienced during my first 6 months as a seller, in hopes that others may be able to glean some tips from my journey. Previous posts can be found at:

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My First 6 Months on Fiverr [ARCHIVED]

As I opened up my dashboard today, I noticed that I've hit a milestone; I reached my 100th order on Fiverr! As exciting as that is, I also feel that it's a great time to reflect a little on where I started as a seller on Fiverr, and what the last 6...

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My First 6 Months on Fiverr - Month 2 [ARCHIVED]

"They Like Me! They Really Like Me!" It took about six weeks or so, but I finally attained my goal of becoming a Level 1 seller. As much as I wanted that badge next to my name to make it easier for potential customers to find my services, I NEEDED...

“Thank You, and Come Again!”

As of today, I have about 4 clients that buy from me consistently, and have had at least a half a dozen more that have purchased more than once from me in the past. Having a stream of repeat customers has been important to the growth of my brand here on Fiverr, and as I entered my third month as a seller, those repeat orders would help me realize my next goal.

Become a Level 2 Seller.

In order to reach Level 2 status, a seller has to complete at least 50 individual orders in two consecutive months. Sounds like a lot, or at least it did to me. But I was serious about establishing my presence on Fiverr, and never one to shy away from a challenge, I made a pledge to myself by way of a catchphrase from a favorite TV sitcom character:

“Challenge Accepted!”

50 orders over two months equates to almost one new order per day, so I knew I had to get aggressive about my marketing efforts. I began advertising my services through Facebook groups geared towards Fiverr promotions, as well as frequently sharing my gigs on my own personal social media accounts. I had already been a regular visitor to the Buyer’s Request forum, but now I was vising several times a day. If a new request went up, I wanted to be the first offer that the client received. At one point, I believe I was sending out at least 15 custom offers per day. During periods of downtime, I would message past clients and remind them that I was always available, and since I had launched two new gigs, I may have a service offering that is better suited for them.

As a testament to the old adage of “Be careful what you ask for, as you may just get it,” orders began to roll in. As month three came to a close, I was working like a madman, but was able to keep right on track with my goal of landing at least 1 new sale per day.

Many of those orders were from clients that would go on to become repeat buyers, and still order with me today. So while my third month on Fiverr presented a new challenge, and rewarded me with a base of loyal customers, it also brought with it a concept that I hadn’t encountered yet, but would quickly learn to loathe: The Revision.

Next week, I’ll share how I deal with clients that request revisions, and how I learned not to take it so personally.

Thanks for reading along!

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