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No new gigs?


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Making Fiverr admit there is a problem is really tough to do. Good luck on that. Let’s just hope they are solving the problem. I posted a new gig about a week ago, and really didn’t see Fiverr displaying it for several days at least. Frankly I’ve been on here for nearly a year, and feel that there are so many gigs on Fiverr that it may be a disadvantage, and is leading to new gigs getting more hits, when the older gigs with those who have the experience get less time in front of those searching. That’s my thought. I hope they can find a balance so that those searching aren’t swamped with new gigs (and many who cannot do what they claim). This can leave the new customer turned off on the quality of Fiverr gigs. Just my thought on the general issue of new versus older gigs.

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