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A tip for fellow sellers: Mention name of buyer while sending custom offer


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You will agree that fiverr’s ‘Custom Offer’ option is a gold-mine as it is a ‘call-for-action’ tool. When a buyer receives a custom offer instead of a message, chances of sale conversion increases. And it has increased in my experience.

But in addition to that, what I do that doubles the chances? Before I tell that in detail, let me tell you a bit about my services.

I sell picture quotes with branding, i.e. with logo and url of buyer. It’s a customized service where I offer picture quotes with 100% Royalty Free High Quality images. Now, there are numerous categories on quotes and at present I’m offering few of them are: Inspirational, Success, Education, Travel, Spiritual, Love etc. And at the same time, I keep on creating picture quotes on more categories. So, when I’m up with picture quotes of new category, I send custom offer to all my previous buyers.

And it works great ! But what works more is that I specifically mention name of each buyer in the custom message that I do create to send with custom offer. It starts with “Dear[ Buyername]”. Yes, it takes more time to write name of particular buyer each time you send custom offer and it would be damn easy to simply copy-paste the common forwarding message which starts with just “Hello” and doesn’t mention name of buyer, but it does feel good when you read your name, right? Even though, if it’s your username, still you feel that you’re remembered. And this positive thing works in custom offer as well.

As I keep creating picture quotes on new categories and I send out custom offer to all my previous buyers announcing it, I specifically mention their name(username) and in my experience I’ve got better results than earlier.

I know that just mentioning the name won’t work. You need to have a good Gig as well where what you’re providing is of worth to buyer. But, combining both can increase your sales for sure. It has increased in my case !

I thought that I will share this little experience of mine, and at the same time looking forward to hear your thoughts as well on this !

Cheers !

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