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My Awesome 2 Months with Fiverr!


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Hi there,

1st of all, sorry for my bad English…

Well, I’m a student, studying in Computer Science Engineering ( Final year ), lives in Bangladesh. From the age of 15 ( now I’m 24), I loved to work on internet. In 2015 I tried to learn designing works, Photoshop, illustrator. After learn some basic tutorials, I start creating profile in various freelancing sites. But, No! something was missing may be! I didn’t getting any messages from client, even, no orders. I skilled up more about my favorite subject designing.

Then, I create account in Fiverr 2016 ( FEB ). I tried to introduce myself more professional, create quality gigs. Then Yes… First order got!! I was so happy. That order was 5$. 1st work, that was an amazing experience.

After few days, I start getting messages, and few more orders. I’m happy. My mom is happy more than me.

She saw my activities always what I’m doing. She knows her son won’t do anything bad for his future. She trusts me so much… Day by day, orders just coming like, I was in dream. But, sometimes it feels like saying myself, NO !! PLEASE NO MORE ORDER NOW!!

In total last 2 months, I saw, I earned around 900$. ( I know it’s not so high for professional freelancers ) I bought some accessories for my mom and myself bought a smartphone for quick chat with my clients. My dream is big always. Earning money is not main thing I do. I do what I love to. And that is PAY OFF!

Again, sorry (may be hard to understand my texts 🙂 )

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