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For whiteboard and explainer videos buyers


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As a whiteboard and explainer videos seller, i just wanted to leave here some tips for the buyers to get a good video that delivers your message and keep the customers interessted, don’t worry i won’t make this post long and this is one of my tips :

The script : Don’t make it soo long, write a short script that delivers the message fast and well, long long scripts will result in a looong video and believe not all customers have time to wait all that time to watch your video, make it short, ineteressting and delivers the message fast.

Watermark : always watermark your videos with your logo or name at the corner, sme people don’t care, and will ust download your video somehow and use it for their business especially if the video does not mention yur business name…

Voiceover : always go for the voiceover, if you order a whiteboard/explainer video wihout voiceover that means all your script text have to be written in the video and that will give less time and space for graphics nd animation (if you still want it without voiceover go for kenetic typography).
If you decide to record the voiceover yourself, don’t make it so fast, to give the seller time to make animation/graphics sync with the voiceover otherwise the graphics will go fastand the video will not be good.

Double check your script for mistakes and provide pronunciations of any non-obvious words or names, because some sellers will charge you if you find mistakes after delivery.
Use royalty background music or get one from your seller if you want to put your video on youtube…

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