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Tricky tips for New Sellers


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I’ve confirmed my first $100 in fiverr. Its really feeling great .I’ve got some lessons here and really want to share with you . I won’t list the regular tips which you may know already . Besides my lessons I have some extra tips for new sellers here. Here is my list –

  1. You need know what you are providing to buyers and what are the use of them . As if you know what your buyer will do with your gig then you will be able to do a reverse engineering to promote your gig in the best way .

  2. Always make feel your buyers that they are very very very very important to you . At least use some messages to welcome them after order confirmations . Just do not take the order and deliver them . Build a relationship. You will definitely make your customers to a client (returning customers) .

  3. Make a thread on this forum if you are facing any issue . And always come back to check your thread and try do reply each of them .

  4. Don’t try to take any illegal shortcuts to make quick money here . If you want to last long then definitely don’t do that . If you are doing so then fiverr will “SHORTLY CUT” your future earning possibilities .

  5. Always do check your top most competitors in your niche, what and how they are offering same services to people.

  6. If you are out of ideas what to provide here. Then just go to some categories and choose gigs with 100-200 positive ratings . Then go to their review sections and if you see a lot of reviews were made in recent days then you have to be sure yes, the gigs are doing the best right now. You can start services in those categories .

  7. Try to make a reverse search of the top most gig or gig sellers on the internet and see where and how they promoting their gigs all over there and get some idea to promote yours .

  8. Finally DON’T READ TIPS THREAD BY THREAD … TIME TO TAKE ACTIONS …… We all can only provide you tips but you have to implement yourself . So wake up and start .

I won’t make this thread long as it must be readable to others and need to spend your valuable time . I was just celebrating my first $100 through this thread …

Thank you for visiting me … May God Bless You All …

Regards DJBSf1

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