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I need help!, i have not been receiving orders


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Hello.Getting your first order can often take a while. Few buyers are interested in purchasing a gig from a seller with no reviews. Maybe you could try promoting your gigs on social media, or ask a friend/family member to order from you. When your first positive review is in, the buyers starts rolling in.
I looked at your profile and your gigs, and there’s no doubt that it looks quite professional and you’ve done this before. Although, I believe your portfolio needs some upgrading. You have a gig for explainer videos, but I can’t see any video that you’ve made before(except for the link to another account, that I doubt is yours, since that seller is from a whole other country)
The same for your logo-design-gig, there’s no portfolio.
I’m sure that if people can see examples of your work, they will be more interested in ordering your gigs.
Hope that was somewhat helpful.
Good luck!


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