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My Journey to $100 in 3+ weeks


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First of all thank you ‘forum’ and forum members for your contribution towords my journey.

Yes today is the day when I have confirmed my first $100 in fiverr. Its really feeling great and can’t express my happiness .

I have started selling here on 26th april 2016 . No sales were made on 1st day. Then I received my 1st order on the next day . I was feeling very lucky , as most of the people here are still lurking for their first order. Since that day I got courages and looking to go ahead . Started adding more gigs, gig videos . I have spread my words to social networks and some other places too. on the 8th day of my start I have got my Level 1 seller badge .

Then it was time to scale up . I have started to promote my gigs wherever I can. I was trying to be online with fiverr as much as I can . I made 20+ sales in the meantime on my 18th day.

But suddenly my best selling gig was slowing down on getting impressions . My sales went down to ‘0’ . I was fearing of some issue. Then contacted fiverr support , they replied –

“Thanks for contacting us. I checked on your account and everything looks to be ok from our side. Note that we only provide a marketplace and we can’t guarantee any sales, this is something you need to work on. We advise you to manually advertise the gigs on the Internet as this would help in making it more noticeable and hopefully getting more sales.”

But It was not making me calm down. Then I opened a thread

favicon.icoFiverr Forum http://forum.fiverr.com//images/default-apple-touch-icon.png

Need your help badly

I have just started selling on fiverr. Its my 25th day. Sold 20+ gigs till now. But in last 10 days I have received only 3 orders . Also my impressions are going down. My best selling gigs was getting at least 200 impressions per day earlier but now...

and went to take rest from fiverr . It was 6th day with no order for me . Suddenly I got a order with 2 gig extras included . Logged in fiverr to deliver the order and saw my thread got 30+ replies in last 3-4 days. I got amazed and started to reading each and every reply carefully . There are people who was misjudging me although I was taking their review as an advice. You can go through the above link to view what was going on there. I replied there with my point of view . Although got some really useful tips.

While replying on that thread I have got another order with gig extra . Although its my 28th day and confirmed my first $100 . Now looking for the next level with a lot of sales .

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This belongs in Fiverr Stories, along with every single other self-congratulatory journey post. So do that. There’s no tips here. I suggest you don’t create a new post every time you hit some random milestone that feels important to you. It’s not important to 99.99% of other people reading, and could be a little spammy. I also don’t know why you insist on linking to your original post on every other one you’ve made, either.

Let it go, dude.

Enjoy the various “thank” “interesting!” replies from people who didn’t read your story but made a comment anyway.

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OMG … You are one of the most over-active seller in fiverr forum and I appreciate that . Now replying your comment …

Moved the topic to ‘fiverr stories’ already .

Yes, my story might not important to 99.9999% of the people here . But when someone feels a concern is highly matters to him or her then only he or she post the same here in this forum , Irrespective whether its important to anyone or not . And for me, this milestone is very important .

Although Thank You for your comment for reminding me to move the thread . God Bless You … 🙂

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