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Scam - Refund?


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If you are not satisfied, You have 2 option before Order completing.
Option 1,you can ask seller for refund
Option 2,you can request for mutual cancellation.
Note that you have to do it within 72 hrs of sellers delivery.

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To work on a pay per download sites.

You have to build backlinks, social marketing and submit to directory sites and bookmarks.

You can not create a way blackhate manual, sent to download and fill out the survey.

It was very tiring, think if you work on it.
What do you want for $ 5? or $ 100

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Mutual cancellation includes a refund, so that’s really not 2 different options. There is another option which is to contact Customer Support and complain, but that should only be done after trying to work it out. You also didn’t mention the option of asked the seller for a revision and giving them a chance to finish the work.

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