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Mutual Extension of Delivery Time

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This problem is a great problem. I got an order recently and due to different time zones and other reasons the communication was slow and the work also lagged. I could not find any option. But somehow I managed it. I think we need an option to extend time. may be like the mutual cancellation, we need a mutual time extender. I think that will be beneficial for many sellers on Fiverr 🙂 .

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A feature should be implemented. We have been waiting for a long for this feature.

As a buyer, I couldn’t agree more. I have delayed the gig - and now, if I want to extend it I can’t and the Fiverr/seller has the possibility of being penalized. I understand that we can mark the gig as complete, but that opens me as a buyer up to an incomplete gig - and the only evidence to refer back to is a gig marked complete, so Fiverr will simply say, “But you accepted this as done” - there has to be a better way.

One work around, is to cancel the gig - then, the seller has to approve it - but now you may have a seller who has partially delivered and can be taken advantage of - again, not good. There are lousy freelancers and lousy buyers who will take advantage of this - yes, there has to be some trust, but - a big but…

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Dear Nathaniel:

There’s already a feature for this.

You open a dispute and ask for more time.

I recently purchased a gig in which the Seller did this.

I approved the request for a one-day extension.

No problem.

Good luck,


Thank you blaisefaint - I have a potential problem that is my creation - and this will solve it so the seller is not penalized.



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